Наша історія

H&Z Industry - великий надійний та професійний виробниктонка хімічна речовината основні продукти харчування, в основному це стосуєтьсятонка хімічна речовина, рослинний екстракт, ферментний препаратіхарчова / кормова добавка.That integrates R&D, productionіsales together.The Company was established in 1994,і2008.2 International dept has been set up. 

Наш завод

H&Z Industry has established a cooperative relationship with the laboratory of Shandong University to meet the customer's requirements for product stabilityіconsumer's deep demand for product development. After long-time service to EuropeanіAmerican markets, our QAQC team is experienced with the analysisіcontrol of impurities, which has been adjusted to satisfy the precise control of flavorsіfragrances mixtureіto be safeіreliable.

Наш продукт

Especially our Bastic nutrition department, they develop, marketіdistribute the essential ingredientsіproducts for nutraceuticals, supplements, herb extractіfunctional food & beverage industries from the primary manufacturing facilities based in China, where we have many years' experienceіwe are very well established. 

Застосування продукту

Our products can be applied in pharma intermediate, foodіfeed industry, daily life like:cosmetic, dyesіhealth care product.

Виробниче обладнання

H&Z Industryіour branches are supplying thousands tons of premium products annually. Thanks to the rapid development of China’s Logistics Information Management System, we have been cooperating with major Shanghai International forwarders to distribute goods fast to worldwide.

Виробничий ринок   

Over the years, due to our thoughtful services to customers, high-quality products, competitive priceіprofessional talent team, H&Z Industry Co., Ltd has realized rapid development, growing from an original small factory into a one-stop buyerіservice provider for many customers around the world.

Наш сервіс

With the principle of CredibilityіIntegrity, we are looking forward to maintaining long-term cooperative relationships we will supply our best service to our business partners. For the brighter future, we strive to deliver products with the best quality, the most competitive priceіthe fastest way as we can. Sincerely hope to cooperate with your esteemed companyіwelcome your visit.